DITHERM RHT | Heat resistant rubber wheels

Introducing the first 300°C rubber wheel for oven trolleys and bakery industry - Hardness 76° Shore A

The wheel core of the RXT series is manufactured in special Ditherm® compound, combined with special fibers and molded under an innovative DC developed high pressure + extreme temperature process, and its tyre is made in a special high quality elastic rubber for high temperatures.
The white rubber tyre is mechanically bonded to the wheel core, and the coupling is further strengthened by a surface adhesion which is obtained without the use of any glue or vulcanization, completely differently from any competition product.
This particular bonding is resulting in the highest quality wheel in its range of application, featuring a drastic reduction in the risk of tyre de-bonding during the work in temperatures.
DITHERM RXT wheels are manufactured to resist to a range of temperatures between -40°C and +300°C.
They are fully certified for use in bakery and food industry, and for oven application requiring temperature of exercise up to +300°C.
These wheel assures also a great work into freezers and in temperature until -40°C and guarantee a high resistance against thermal shock caused by quick increasing or reduction of temperature, allowing these wheels to resist to sudden variation of temperatures, permitting to withstand jumps of 340°C in less than 60 seconds, either from cold to hot or reverse. Ditherm RXT wheels do not mark the floor.