D-FLEX wheels series

D-FLEX wheel made in natural Polyamide 6 center and injected Elastic Blue Polyurethane.

Available with several hub sizes and bearings, lifetime warranty against tread de-bonding.

Special mechanical bonding of Polyurethane tread to Polyamide center, no glue used.

Cushioning tyre, shock absorbing, high grip, great for traction.

Maintenance free. Guaranteed. Recyclable.

D-FLEX series wheels, the one step beyond technology into the Nylon-Polyurethane wheels market.

The most advanced processes of production and the latest technologies in materials makes this wheel an impressive improvement in its range of applications.

The 20% improved load capacity, lifetime warranty against tread de-bonding, improved resistance to chemicals and aggressive cleaners, new surface treatment and computerized control of perfect round and in-axle rolling are just some of the innovation that the D-FLEX wheel can offer.

The 82 Shore A cushioning and elastic Polyuretane tread makes this wheel incredibly versatile and long lasting, offering as well a great grip on the floor even on wet surfaces.

It is perfect in every sector of food industry being 100% certified for use in such environment and fully recyclable.

*Lifetime guaranteed ensures the wheel against the Polyurethane tread de-bonding from Polyamide center for the wheel working life.