Ditherm STW wheels series

It has been studied and developed to join and complete the already well known range of DITHERM wheels for temperature and extreme conditions, and is manufactured for a target of work between -94°F and +536°F.

This new wheel features a superior resistance to chipping even against sharpest obstacles and assures an incredible resistance against chemicals, oils and aggressive cleaners.

The rolling resistance is extremely low thanks to the phisical characteristics of the material of the wheel, which also provides a noise-free rolling even in plain bore configuration.

It shows an extremely high mechanical resistance, as it has been recognized by long time testing run in collaboration with Tecnoelastomeri Test Facility.

The new DITHERM STW series is made in special composit fibers material, and is moulded with advanced technologies and processes which make this wheel a very high quality product setting a new standard in its field of application.

Ditherm STW wheels do not mark the floor.